keys to success

about us

Mi Casa Stores, has consolidated into the national market as a best decoration proposal. Its continued sustainable growing is concrete evidence of this fact.

Customers enjoy decorating for more than 18 years. This is possible through its almost 60 stores all around Spain.

The success could be summarised in one sentence : being faithful to our main objectif, « that everybody has the home they desire, regardless of their purchasing power ».

All products that customers can find in a Mi Casa store are needed all year long so seasonality would not condition our articles and therefore our business model.

The fact of having more than 15.000 different references allows us to have more variety in every Mi Casa store. This way, we facilitate a sustained rotation of products and the risk of keeping stocks is unavailable.

Proposals are conceived to offer customers a high-quality items and latest trends with really affordable prices. The quality/price rapport is essential for our business model.

Very few companies of the sector have a department working on Products Developpement that allows us to sustain the commitment on quality and design differentation. These are essential factors for the futur of any company.

Together with this exclusif products of own design, there are national and european marks that offers to clients a guarantee and security by regaining market share in our country.

Our services to franchisee

1º Continuous assistance from the start.

2º Continuous training.

3º Supervision and support for stores by our technical team.

4º Advertising campaign and promotion throughout the year.

5º Territorial exclusivity for every store.