what you need to know


A Mi Casa store must be located in a commercial street, with an important passage of people and a shop window (minimum 4 metres).

The dimension of the premises must be from up to 90sqm so store could be provided of all sections, fitting of the store – shop window, zones for customers passage…

For the correct selection and analyse, franchisee will be advised by our decoration team.

Moreover, once premises chosen, Mi Casa team will make a budget of the hole investment, the premises fitting and a personal feasability study. In this way, we try to offer all guarantees to the future partner.



Every Mi Casa store are budgeted in advance and without obligation because we understand that it is important for the future partner to know the total investment before signing the agreement.

The total investment for a 130sqm store is between 50.000 and 60.000€.



With an amount of 10.000€, franchisee will become a member of the network and will profit of its benefits.

This amount means the access to a tested sustainable and consolidated business model at the market as Mi Casa stores does.

This fee gives the right to profit of the advantages and innovations of the Central warehouse and all the benefits derived from company promotion. It also includes the training and the transmission of the Know-how, the set-up of the store and a constantly support in every aspect about the franchise.